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AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development standard of leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and companies, founded since 2003.

Powered by FPT Software - the global leading technology and IT service provider, MaaZ is a comprehensive solution stacks for AUTOSAR, which converges production-ready platforms, seamlessly integrated tool chains and services around AUTOSAR.

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MaaZ is the expert in AUTOSAR with more than 12+ years of global experience. Our specialization covers both the Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR standards.
Classic Platform

MaaZ Classic Platform

Offering flexible and production-proven development tools, basic software and studio platform, MaaZ helps you develop your high-performance controller (HPC), supporting a wide ranges of operating system.
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Classic Platform

MaaZ Adaptive Platform

Enhance your electronic control unit (ECU) performance with our secure and tailor-made products for the Classic AUTOSAR.
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Our AUTOSAR Safety and Efficiency Solutions

Explore our all-purpose AUTOSAR solutions - highly efficient, saving and tailor-made for you.
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ISO 26262
ASPICE Level 3
AUTOSAR Development Partner
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